SQLDeveloper: Handy user report to generate column names and data types for arbitrary query

I’ve already covered the tough question on converting arbitrary query to clob delimited text (Take 1 and Take 2). The resulting function used a code snippet that produced a list of column names and their datatypes in it’s intestines. Based on that snippet here’s a SQLDeveloper user reports that produces a list of column names […]

Useful onliner to make testing in Oracle SQL*Developer a little bit easier

This little script helps to test subroutines using SQL*Developer Run or Debug command.  Just copy code from “Run PL/SQL” window and run the following onliner in a terminal. It uncomments legacy dbms_ouput code and extends capacity of varchar2 variables from 200 to 32767 chars. Now paste clipboard contents back into SQL Worksheet and run. cat […]