Oracle GoldenGate: Run SQLEXEC within MAP clause only once, accessing @GETENV parameters

As of version of Oracle GoldenGate there is a restriction for standalone SQLEXEC statements, such statements can’t access parameters normally accessed with @GETENV function. To bypass this restriction we should make SQLEXEC within MAP clause to run only once per every replicat invocation. This can be achieved using global temporary table as target and […]

Moving Oracle GoldenGate Director repository to different server

Just moved Oracle GoldenGate Director oracle repository database from side by side instance to different server using DBMS_DATAPUMP and was wondering how to change weblogic domain configs to point them to the new destination.The solution is to change GG_Dir/domain/config/jdbc/ggds-datasource-jdbc.xml. Have changed the following part: <jdbc-driver-params> <url>jdbc:oracle:thin:@//my.server:1521/service_name</url> <driver-name>oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver</driver-name> <properties> <property> <name>user</name> <value>ggs_dir</value> </property> <property> <name>portNumber</name> […]

GoldenGate: Enable supplemental logging for tables upon their recreation

Assuming that minimal supplemental logging is enabled at database level with ALTER DATABASE ADD SUPPLEMENTAL LOG DATA; include following instructions to your table creation script to enable GoldenGate capture all changes from the fresh start of your tables life:If the table has a primary key: ALTER TABLE xxx ADD SUPPLEMENTAL LOG DATA (PRIMARY KEY) COLUMNS; […]