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Focused browsing: limiting open tabs

Last week I’ve been intensively searching for some info related to the current project. As a result at the end of week there were two firefox windows with about 50 tabs opened in total. Most of them were there just to remind of some related info, which I intended to read later.
If you ever had so much tabs to read in your face, then you know that it can be “a little” frustrating.
At that time this post on lifehacker about rebuilding attention came out.
It mentioned ‘No More Tabs’ Chrome extension which prevents too many tabs from being opened at the same time.
Searching for extension with same functionality for firefox (again through lifehacker) gave a link to ‘Window and Tab limiter‘, which does exactly the same. In addition it counts not only tabs but windows too.
When you open a new tab and hit your limit it asks you to close one of opened tabs/windows first.
I set my limit to 7 tabs. Two of them are always the the same AppTabbed goosh.org and gmail.com. Now it takes some time to think what tab to close, but at least there is no more 50 opened tabs in my face.