Possibly secret retro color or secret car spotted in Hill Climb Racing 2

Here’s what I spotted at least second time whyle playing highly addictive Hill Climb Racing 2.
I was not quite sure what I was facing the first time, but the second time I took screenshots.
Hill climb 2 secret retro jeep
Hill climb 2 secret retro jeep another look
What we see here is the default car from original Hill Climb game with witer tires equiped.
It may be a secret color for default jeep or a completely secret car. Or may be it’s just an easter egg and Condi is just a bot. Notice that the guy has a question mark on country flag. Who knows. Anyway it’s pretty cool to bump into this rider.

I’ve spotted the new driver.
Hill climb 2 secret retro jeep new driver spotted
Now I don’t thinks it’s a bot, it’s either an easter egg that occasionally replaces default Jeep skin of your opponent or it’s the secret paint.

Update 2
As guys on HCR2 Reddit channel pointed it’s just a skin that can be won by opening a chest.

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