ora_te: A simple template engine for Oracle

Just started a new project ora_te at GitHub.
For now it just implements substitution of placeholders so one could write something like

select pk_te.substitute( '$1-$2-$3 $1-$2-$4', pk_te.p( 'Ob', 'la', 'di', 'dah' ) ) p
from dual;
select pk_te.substitute( 
  '{$verb} a {$subject}'
  , pk_te.m( 
    pk_te.p( 'verb', 'Take')
    , pk_te.p( 'subject', 'book' )
) m
from dual;

and get

Ob-la-di Ob-la-dah

1 row selected

Take a book

1 row selected

But more to come. Stay in touch!

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