ora_te: Road map

Here’s the target for next release. Handle loops and substitute values from cursors. So something like this can be handled. ‘merge into {$dest_table} t1 using {$tmp_table} t2 on (t1.{$join_by} = t2.{$join_by} ) when matched then update set {%1%t1.?1 = t2.?1%\r\n ,|n|?%} delete where t2.status_code = ”D” when not matched then insert( {$dwh_pk} , {%2%t1.{{column_name}} = […]

Quick and dirty editing of clipboard contents with Cygwin

Cygwin is capable of reading and writing windows’ clipboard so one can write quick and dirty formatting scripts with utility of choice. Here’s an example of using perl to format partially formatted SQL. Note reading from clipboard using /dev/clipboard and writing back to it. $ perl -pe ‘s/^(\s*)(on|then|,)/\1 \2/ig’ /dev/clipboard > /dev/clipboard Edit After testing […]