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O!Zaki 0.3 O’Coat (Dare to be jelly) iPhone 5c case review: complaints and how to fix them

Hi, I got my iphone 5c several months ago and put O!Zaki 0.3 O’Coat (dare to be jelly) case on it.

First I thought that it was a great case: so slim and tight, having semi transparent matte plastic and great vibrant color.

But after a month or so it started to loosen and some small particles made their way between the case and the back surface of iPhone.

As the case got loosened it was constantly moving bit back and forth. So those small particles and dust were scratching the back surface of iPhone.

I hoped to use the case to protect the phone from scratches but instead it totally spoiled the back surface.

If you are not easily frightened and want to use this in other ways great O!Zaki case then there’s a workaround.

You can apply double sided scotch (I used 3M one) to the back surface of iPhone and then put the case on. It will be fixed this way and won’t loosen (if it’s a new one) and won’t scratch the back (if it’s a loosened one). As the case has a matte finish scotch tape will not jump in the eye and you can be perfectly happy with the overall look.

Check the photos of spoiled back surface, loosened case and applied scotch tape.

WP_20141217_00_51_05_Pro WP_20141217_00_50_01_Pro WP_20141217_00_52_42_Pro WP_20141217_00_52_18_Pro WP_20141217_00_55_43_Pro WP_20141217_00_56_59_Pro

By the way I also use Momax Glass PRO+ XS screen protector and cute nintendo home button sticker 🙂