My workspace setup

Hello there! Today I’m sharing with you my corporate office workspace setup featuring: 2x Ergotron Neo-Flex Arm display mounts supporting 2x 19′ 3×4 LDC displays (they are good for coding) Corporate Lenovo Thinkpad x230 with Zelda decal 🙂 Lenovo dockstation Goldtouch V2 keyboard hacked into truly separate one Kensington Orbit trackball with scroll ring Some […]

OGG: Fixing OGG-01367

Hello everybody! Finally moved to separate hosting. And here’s the first post! Yesterday bumped into this GoldenGate error: OGG-01367: Length of CSN {0}, {1,number,0}, from input data source not equal to that of previous CSN, {2,number,0} Cause: There is a possible memory corruption or invalid data in the trail. Action: Contact Oracle Support. Metalink says […]