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Delphi: Most useful keyboard shortcuts

Here are most useful keyboard shortcuts for Delphi IDE, that I extracted from this wiki (some of these I did not know before).

Shortcut Description
Tab In Object Inspector activates incremental search for properties. Press again Tab to move focus to property value
Ctr+E Incremental search (search is an undoable action)
Ctrl+Shift+I Indent the current selected block
Ctrl+K I
Ctrl+Shift+U Unindent the current selected block
Ctrl+K U
Alt+[ Go to matching paranthesis
Alt+Left Browse backward (hotlink history)
Alt+Right Browse forward (hotlink history)
Alt+Up Browse to symbol under editor cursor (invoke a hotlink and add it to the hotlink history)
Ctrl+F5 Add watch
Alt+G Go to line number in editor
Ctrl+Space Invoke code completition
Ctrl+Shift+Space Invoce code parameter hints
Ctrl+Enter Open file at cursor
Ctrl+Shift+Enter Find all references
Ctrl+Shift+Up Navigate to method implementation/declaration
Ctrl+Alt+P Activate the Tool Palette in filtering mode (start typing, press Enter to drop component)
Ctrl + / Comment line/selected block
Ctrl + Shift + T Add TODO
F11 Invoke Object Inspector window
Shift+Alt+F11 Invoke Structure window
Ctrl+Alt+B Invoke Breakpoints window

By the way, I made this cool looking table with emacs Org mode 😉