Moving Oracle GoldenGate Director repository to different server

Just moved Oracle GoldenGate Director oracle repository database from side by side instance to different server using DBMS_DATAPUMP and was wondering how to change weblogic domain configs to point them to the new destination.The solution is to change GG_Dir/domain/config/jdbc/ggds-datasource-jdbc.xml. Have changed the following part: <jdbc-driver-params> <url>jdbc:oracle:thin:@//my.server:1521/service_name</url> <driver-name>oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver</driver-name> <properties> <property> <name>user</name> <value>ggs_dir</value> </property> <property> <name>portNumber</name> […]

Just to remember: various C++ tips

1. The assignment operator of a derived class must explicitly perform the assignment of it’s base class Derived& Derived::operator =(const Derived& aRhs){ if( this != &aRhs ){ Base::operator=(aRhs); } return *this;} 2. Virtual destructor is vital for every polymorphic class because it’s called when applying operator delete to the pointer of a base type pointing […]

GoldenGate: Enable supplemental logging for tables upon their recreation

Assuming that minimal supplemental logging is enabled at database level with ALTER DATABASE ADD SUPPLEMENTAL LOG DATA; include following instructions to your table creation script to enable GoldenGate capture all changes from the fresh start of your tables life:If the table has a primary key: ALTER TABLE xxx ADD SUPPLEMENTAL LOG DATA (PRIMARY KEY) COLUMNS; […]