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My two sublime 2 settings: for no antialiased and antialiased fonts

Crisp one. No antialias.

	"color_scheme": "Packages/Color Scheme - Default/Eiffel.tmTheme",
	"font_face": "Courier New",
	,"bold_folder_labels": true
	,"fade_fold_buttons": false
	,"line_padding_bottom": 1
  	,"line_padding_top": 1
  	, "highlight_line": true
  	, "caret_style": "phase"
  	, "wide_caret": true

Antialiased one

	"bold_folder_labels": true,
	"caret_style": "phase",
	"color_scheme": "Packages/Color Scheme - Default/IDLE.tmTheme",
	"fade_fold_buttons": false,
	"font_size": 11,
	"highlight_line": true,
	"line_padding_bottom": 2,
	"overlay_scroll_bars": "system",
	"wide_caret": true

Possibly secret retro color or secret car spotted in Hill Climb Racing 2

Here’s what I spotted at least second time whyle playing highly addictive Hill Climb Racing 2.
I was not quite sure what I was facing the first time, but the second time I took screenshots.
Hill climb 2 secret retro jeep
Hill climb 2 secret retro jeep another look
What we see here is the default car from original Hill Climb game with witer tires equiped.
It may be a secret color for default jeep or a completely secret car. Or may be it’s just an easter egg and Condi is just a bot. Notice that the guy has a question mark on country flag. Who knows. Anyway it’s pretty cool to bump into this rider.

I’ve spotted the new driver.
Hill climb 2 secret retro jeep new driver spotted
Now I don’t thinks it’s a bot, it’s either an easter egg that occasionally replaces default Jeep skin of your opponent or it’s the secret paint.

Update 2
As guys on HCR2 Reddit channel pointed it’s just a skin that can be won by opening a chest.

Oracle: on Overloading and Hiding Constructors

From Oracle 12c documentation:

You can overload user-defined constructors, like other type methods.

User-defined constructors are not inherited, so a user-defined constructor defined in a supertype cannot be hidden in a subtype. However, a user-defined constructor does hide, and thus supersede, the attribute-value constructor for its type if the signature of the user-defined constructor exactly matches the signature of the attribute-value constructor. For the signatures to match, the names and types of the parameters (after the implicit SELF parameter) of the user-defined constructor must be the same as the names and types of the attributes of the type. The mode of the parameters (after the implicit SELF parameter) of the user-defined constructor must be IN.

If an attribute-value constructor is not hidden by a user-defined constructor that has the same name and signature, the attribute-value constructor can still be called.

Note that, if you evolve a type—for example, by adding an attribute—the signature of the attribute-value constructor of the type changes accordingly. This can cause a formerly hidden attribute-value constructor to become usable again.

Open cmd here as admin .reg file

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
@="Open Command Window Here as Administrator"
@="cmd.exe /s /k pushd \"%V\"" 

[Pascal Error] YourUnit.pas(224): E2015 Operator not applicable to this operand type

I’ve got this error when was concatinating stings to build pl/sql call. Here’s an example code:

      sql := 'begin '  +
        packageName + '.calc_report(' +
          ' in_dateend=>to_date('''+ LMRFrm.a_Date2_i + ''',''dd/mm/yyyy''),' +
          ' in_code_list=>''' + LMRFrm.a_ListCat_i + ''',' +
          ' in_currency=>''' + LMRFrm.a_currency + ''',' +
          ' in_kr=>''' + LMRFrm.a_kr + ''',' +
          ' in_vseason=>''' + LMRFrm.a_season + ''',' +
          ' in_level=>''' + IfThen( ( 1 = LMRFrm.a_family_agg ), 'FAMILYSC', 'SC' ) + ''',' +
          ' in_filter=>''' + LMRFrm.a_filter + ''',' +
          ' in_report_code=>''' + LMRFrm.a_tpl_code + ''',' +
          ' in_version=>''' + IfThen( _useDevPackage , 'DEV' , 'PROD' ) + ''',' +
          ' in_week_data=>''' + IfThen( ( 1 = LMRFrm.a_week_data) , 'WEEK_DATA ', '' ) + IfThen( ( '1' = LMRFrm.a_show_sparks ), 'TRENDS ', '' ) +  IfThen( ( 1 = LMRFrm.a_full ) , 'FINANCIAL ', '' ) + ''',' +
          ' in_cache_options=>''' + IfThen( LMRFrm.a_use_cache, '', 'BYPASS' ) + ''''
          + ' ); '
          + packageName + '.create_xls( ''' + LMRFrm.a_tpl_code + ''',''' + IfThen( _useDevPackage , 'DEV' , 'PROD' ) + ''');'
          + packageName + '.fill_tmp_lmr_flat; ' + // tmp_lmr_flat используется для выгрузки картинок
      + 'end;';

Can you spot an error? Don’t think you can do it at a glance. Neither could I. So I had to comment line after a line till I found an extra plus sign near the last comment.
So the error was saying: I can not increment the string that I’ve build so far. Strings are not numbers dude.
‘Operator not applicable to this operand type’ is not very informative message. And it came without pointing to the exact line. As always.